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When can I take a pregnancy test?

What does getting a positive pregnancy test result mean?

What does getting a negative pregnancy test result mean?

The truth about getting a false positive on your pregnancy test

I have a faint line on my pregnancy test: am I pregnant?

hCG levels: all you need to know

How to take a pregnancy test?

Frequently asked questions for Pregnancy Tests

Ovulation Tests

Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

Digital Ovulation Test

Connected Ovulation Test System

Clearblue® Connected Ovulation Test System - Questions and Answers

Find out if your phone is compatible and if the app is available where you live

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When to start testing for ovulation?


Frequently asked questions for Ovulation Tests


Menopause Stage Indicator

Can I use Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator?

Menopause Stage Indicator FAQs

What is menopause?

What happens during menopause?

Early menopause

All about perimenopause

All about postmenopause

Physical symptoms and your menopause journey

Sexual symptoms and your menopause journey

Vasomotor symptoms and your menopause journey

Psychological symptoms of menopause

Lifestyle choices to help manage menopause symptoms

Medical options to help with menopause symptoms

The Science behind the Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator

Am I pregnant?

Due Date Calculator

Early pregnancy symptoms

Am I Pregnant? - Quiz

Can you get pregnant during your period?

What Can Cause a Missed Period?

Can you get pregnant from precum?

What you need to know about implantation bleeding


Getting Pregnant After 35

Fertility problems

Fertility myths and facts

What is vaginal dryness: Causes, symptoms and more

How long does sperm live: Sperm lifecycle, life span and more

Vaginal Lubrication: Facts and Tips

What is anovulation and an anovulatory cycle?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Sperm in more detail

How to get pregnant?

Top 10 things to help you get pregnant

How to get pregnant faster?

How to identify your most fertile days?

Ovulation Calculator

How long does it take to get pregnant?

Quiz for conceiving

Boy or girl?

What you need to know about taking folic acid

Do you want to have KIDS in the future?

Everything you wanted to know about the morning after pill

Best time to get pregnant

How you can track your fertility using the cervical mucus method

How long is a menstrual cycle?

Basal body temperature: What it is, how to chart it, and more

All about periods (menstruation)

Clearblue Blog

12 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

6 ways to manage stress if you feel like you’re “obsessing” over getting pregnant

Women’s History Month stories: Women who changed reproductive healthcare

What is progesterone? Understanding its role and typical levels

Heart and pregnancy health: How to prepare as you’re trying to conceive

Dealing with the invisible grief of infertility — and finding support

How safe is exercise while trying to conceive?

Secondary infertility: What it is, why it happens and how to cope

Should I freeze my eggs?

Getting pregnant with low sperm count: How oligospermia can affect fertility

Trying to conceive: acronyms and abbreviations you’ll want to know

Male infertility: advice for when you’re trying to conceive

LGBTQ+ pregnancy: Planning (and growing!) your family

Managing pregnancy envy: How to spot and handle jealousy while trying to conceive

Can birth control affect a home pregnancy test? More of your top testing questions, answered

Ovulation tests vs. pregnancy tests: Seven differences you should know

How soon is too soon to take a pregnancy test?

Period cravings: What do they mean?

What is a menstrual cup? And is it right for you?

Can you get pregnant on birth control?

Can hormones affect pregnancy test results?

Why you should start tracking your period

What can affect a pregnancy test result?

In-office pregnancy testing vs. home pregnancy testing: What’s the difference?

6 ways you can support your cervical health

Does endometriosis cause infertility?

I don’t want kids. How can I support friends who are pregnant or trying to conceive?

Ovulation and pregnancy: Six common questions, answered

Second puberty: What it is and how to deal with it

Hormonal acne: 6 tips to manage and care for your skin

7 (more) period questions you’ve always wanted to ask

How to tell your kids you’re pregnant : An age-by-age guide

How to feel better on your period

Advocating for yourself at the doctor: What to do before, during and after

Heavy periods: What is menorrhagia?

6 period myths we need to debunk right now

7 questions about your period you’ve always wondered about

Should I have kids? Five questions to consider

Does your menstrual cycle change with age?

Can you mess up a pregnancy test?

Debunking homemade “pregnancy tests”: What you need to know

The ABCs of hCG

“Surprise” baby on the way? Here’s how to prepare yourself and your family for an unplanned pregnancy

Five foods to avoid during pregnancy (and five foods to start eating)

Spotting after a positive pregnancy test: What it could mean

False negative pregnancy test and false positive pregnancy test results explained

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy: How to seek support

Fertility problems in women and men: Symptoms, causes and support

What is family planning?

What are the chances of pregnancy after miscarriage?

How to optimize male fertility and sperm count

Getting in the mood when trying to conceive: How to keep it fun and exciting

PMS supplements: An introduction to ingredients that might help, and why

Pelvic floor 101: Understanding the basics

14 emergency contraception questions you’ve always wanted to ask

What is a missed miscarriage? What makes it different, and where to find support

What is “pregnancy brain,” and what can you do about it?

How to prepare your body for pregnancy: 12 tips and the science behind them

Can cats sense pregnancy? Feline myths and facts

Five questions about ovulation and health (that aren’t just about fertility)

How to handle bad conversation starters about having kids

How to set boundaries in relationships with friends when pregnant or trying to conceive

Getting pregnant may take longer than you think

Getting off hormonal birth control? 8 questions you might be asking

How to track ovulation: Choosing the right option for you

CBD and pregnancy: What you should know

Hook effect in pregnancy test results: Understanding this rare false negative

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests: Reliability, clarity, peace of mind

Geriatric pregnancy or advanced maternal age: Let’s talk terminology

What is estrogen? Understanding its roles and typical levels

Understanding ovulation bleeding

Six things to do (and six to avoid) during the two-week wait

Caring for your mental health in early pregnancy

Am I ready to have a baby? 12 questions to ask

What is spotting and why does it happen?

What is in vitro fertilization (IVF) and how does it work?

The chances of having twins: What can cause a multiple pregnancy?

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

What to eat for a healthy vegetarian pregnancy

What is TSH, the thyroid stimulating hormone?

Vaginal discharge: What it is and why you shouldn’t be embarrassed

Fear of getting pregnant: Common worries, tokophobia and more

Fertility options for LGBTQ+ couples: Get the basics

What to expect in perimenopause

What is luteinizing hormone (LH)?

Vaginal health: 11 questions you may be too embarrassed to ask your ob-gyn

The connection between hormone imbalance and infertility

What does it mean if you dream about being pregnant?

How soon after giving birth can I safely get pregnant again?

What to know about pelvic organ prolapse

What is a preconception appointment?

Fertility medications 101: General information about fertility drugs

Childfree by choice: How to respond to prying questions

Top questions about menopause to ask your healthcare professional

What are kegel exercises?

5 benefits of menopause (Yes, we said benefits!)

Holiday foods to avoid during pregnancy and what to eat instead

How to introduce dogs and babies

Domestic violence during pregnancy

How to buy a pregnancy test without anyone knowing

What are the chances of pregnancy after miscarriage?

What reproductive health products can I use my HSA for?

What is the DINK lifestyle?

Tips to help you handle menopause in the workplace

Turning up the volume: How to talk with your healthcare professional about menopause

Menopause is more than just hot flashes (Yes – there’s more!)

Pregnancy test history 101

Trying-to-conceive tips: Top questions about sex and TTC

How early should I bring up my childfree by choice lifestyle when dating?

Choosing an ob-gyn: an interview checklist

Ob-gyn vs. doula vs. midwife: What are the differences?

How to support your kids through puberty

How a revolutionary Clearblue® test redefines early pregnancy detection for people over 40


What is ovulation?

How many eggs do I have?

Ovulation Pain

Signs of ovulation

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Menstrual cycles and ovulation

Periods and Pre-menstrual Syndrome(PMS)

Period cramps: causes and tips for managing them

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