Fertility Monitor
with Touch Screen

Fertility Monitor with Touch Screen
Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 82%1

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor with touch screen provides your daily fertility status as well as tracking and storing your unique fertility information. It accurately tracks the levels of 2 key fertility hormones (estrogen and luteinizing hormone) to identify the days in each cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant.  When you have sex on these days, you have the greatest chance of conceiving your baby.

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor and Test Sticks are a system designed for use by women trying to conceive and should not be used as a method of contraception. This is not the intended use of the product, and we cannot support this.
fertile days detection

Designed to detect all your fertile days2

The Monitor reads the simple urine tests to accurately track your personal hormone levels and is designed to identify all your High and Peak fertility days2. It helps you find more fertile days than with any LH only ovulation test, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant each cycle.

Easy To use touch screen fertility monitor

Easy to use touch screen

The touch screen tells you which days you need to do urine tests and allows you to set an alarm as a reminder. The calendar also allows you to record when you have your period and when you have sex. 

Daily personal fertility status

Provides your daily fertility status

By reading your individual hormone levels, the monitor will show your personal fertility status as Low, High or Peak each day, so you can plan ahead and maximize your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

personal fertility information

Stores and displays your personal fertility information

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor stores 6 cycles of information which can be displayed as a monthly calendar or all 6 cycles as a graph for side by side comparison3. This unique cycle summary chart makes it easier for you and your physician to review your data and agree actions to help you get pregnant faster.

Accurately predicts ovulation

Accurately predicts ovulation3

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is the only home method clinically validated by ultrasound4



How to use Clearblue® Fertility Monitor

  • 1. Before you begin

  • 2. Performing tests

  • 3. Wait for 5 minutes

  • 4. Read your results

  • 5. Approaching the end of your cycle

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The Monitor is more expensive than other methods. Is it really so much better?

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is the only home Monitor that accurately tracks 2 key fertility hormones and it’s designed to identify all your fertile days2 to help you get pregnant faster3. With the new touch screen, it’s easy to use and read the results. It personalizes to your cycle, you can input when you have your period and when you have sex;  then your information is displayed on the calendar and the unique cycle summary screen. This means you have a record you can take to your Ob-Gyn for discussion, so you don’t waste any time and you enable them to give you immediate feedback and action steps. It’s the most advanced fertility monitor from the #1 Ob-Gyn recommended brand3.

Can’t I just calculate when I’m fertile with an app, or a calendar?

The fertile days vary each cycle, even when your periods are regular, but calendar methods work on the basis that everyone is the same so are very often not accurate for an individual woman.  Tracking your personal fertility hormones is a sure way to know when your fertile days are, and it’s proven in a study to be twice as accurate as traditional calendar methods4.

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor accurately tracks your 2 key fertility hormones to typically identify up to 6 fertile days each cycle.    

Is the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor right for me?

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is suitable for women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days. If your cycles are always shorter than 23 days or always longer than 37 days it may not detect your LH surge.

The majority of women will need 10 Test Sticks in each cycle.

However, women with irregular or long cycles (more than 35 days) may have to use 20 Test Sticks each cycle in order to detect their most fertile time.

Certain medical conditions and medications can adversely affect the performance of the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor. Women who have menopausal symptoms, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired liver or kidney function, are pregnant or have recently been pregnant (even if not carried to full term), may get misleading results. Similarly misleading results may be obtained by women using antibiotics containing tetracyclines, hormonal treatments (e.g. hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy), fertility treatments containing human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) or luteinizing hormone (LH), or any treatment that might affect their cycle. Clomiphene citrate may elevate estrogen levels and this may result in High Fertility being declared early in the cycle and more High Days being displayed, and in some cases the Monitor may not show Peak Fertility even when ovulation occurs. We therefore recommend that women taking clomiphene citrate consult their doctor for advice before using the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for any medication that you are taking before conducting a test.

Women who have recently been breastfeeding, using hormonal treatments (e.g. hormonal contraception, fertility treatments, hormone replacement therapy), or any other treatment that might affect their cycle, may wish to wait until they have at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row (each lasting 23- 37 days), before using the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor.

Women who have recently been pregnant (even if not carried to full term) may still have hCG in their bodies. HCG can adversely affect the performance of the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor. Therefore they are advised to wait until they have had at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row (each lasting 23-37 days), before using the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor.

Please speak to your doctor if you need further advice.

If you have used the Monitor and still have not become pregnant, you should consult a doctor if you are under 35 years of age and you have been trying to get pregnant for over 12 months, or if you are 35 years of age or over and you have been trying for over 6 months.

Please Note: There are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor is designed to help you become pregnant and should NOT be used for contraception. Some medications are contra-indicated in pregnancy and we recommend that you consult your doctor if you are taking any medication before you start trying to conceive. Couples with medically diagnosed fertility difficulties should consult their doctor before using this product.

It’s important that you read the Clearblue Fertility Monitor instructions before use.  

How accurate is the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor?

The Clearblue® Fertility Monitor has been shown in laboratory testing to be 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge in cycles in which an LH surge had also been identified by a reference method.  

What if I am unable, or forget to set a new cycle between day 1 and day 4?

It’s important that you set your new cycle between day 1 and day 4 of each cycle.  If, however, you are not able or forget to do this by day 4, you should wait until your next cycle starts and set a new cycle then.  

I have seen more than 10 High Fertility days this cycle / more High Fertility days than I expected. Why is this?

When the Monitor has detected a rise in estrogen it will display High. On subsequent days the Monitor looks for your LH surge and will continue to display High until your LH surge is detected and Peak is displayed. If the LH surge is not detected and Peak is not displayed you may see more High days than expected. This can be as many as 19 days. If this happens it is unlikely that you are fertile for the whole of this time. It is important to continue to test as requested by the Monitor.

My Monitor displayed Low throughout my cycle. What does this mean?

This cycle the Monitor did not detect a change in the hormones that control your fertility. You may not have ovulated during this cycle or it may be due to a test being performed incorrectly or that you missed a test.  If your fertility status stays Low over a number of cycles consult your doctor.

My monitor changed straight from Low to Peak Fertility? What does this mean?

This may happen for example when a rise in estrogen is detected on the same day as your LH surge or if the Monitor does not detect a change in your estrogen before your LH surge. This can happen if you have a very short cycle following longer cycles, or if you perform a test incorrectly, or miss a test. If you do miss a test you will see a red corner on that day in your calendar).

My Monitor did not display a Peak Fertility symbol this cycle. What does this mean?

There may be a small percentage of cycles in which you do not see Peak Fertility. Possible reasons for this are, for example,  a test may not have been performed correctly or you missed a test or you may not have ovulated this cycle,.  An unusually short or long cycle may result in Peak Fertility not being detected.  If after completing 3 cycles you have not seen Peak Fertility we would recommend that you speak to your doctor.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. What should I do?

You have 2 attempts to enter the correct PIN.  If you enter your PIN incorrectly 2 times, the monitor will lock itself and switch itself off. To unlock the monitor, switch it back on and when it asks you to, enter the PIN ‘0000’. You will then need to change the PIN by following the instructions on screen.

What type of batteries should I use?

It is very important to use AA alkaline (LR6) 1.5v batteries. If you do not there is a risk the information stored on your monitor will be lost. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Can I lose the information stored in my monitor?

The Monitor retains data from your last 6 cycles. This data is constantly overwritten as you continue to use the Monitor to ensure it has the most up to date information available.

 The monitor depends on a constant supply of battery power. You must replace the batteries as soon as requested to avoid losing information stored on your Monitor. 

If the batteries become very low the Monitor will switch itself off to save your information.  If you do not replace the batteries as indicated the Monitor will not have sufficient power and will need to be reprogrammed.  Reprogramming deletes all stored information.  

If I use the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor can I be sure of getting pregnant?

It can take normal healthy couples many months to achieve a pregnancy. We recommend you see your physician if you are under 35 years and haven’t become pregnant after trying for 12 months.  If you are over 35 years you should see your physician after trying for 6 months, and if you are over 40 years see your physician right away.

Always consult a healthcare professional for medical advice.  


How to get pregnant faster?

Having sex at the right time of your cycle is key, so identifying your fertile days with an ovulation test will help you get pregnant faster.

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  2. Number of fertile days will vary. In a German study of 149 cycles, Monitor results correlated with serum hormone levels & ultrasound observed ovulation.
  3. Completed cycle data if available.
  4. Clearblue Ovulation assay showed 97% agreement with ultrasound observed ovulation. Behre HM., et al. Hum Rep (2000) 15: 2478-82
  5. vs not using a method to identify your fertile days
  • Images are for illustration purposes only.