Menopause Stage Indicator FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator.


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When can I test?

There are no special ‘rules’ on when to start testing – you can start at any time in your cycle, but there are a few things you need to remember:

  • Always use the first urine of the day as that’s when hormones are most concentrated
  • You need to test 5 times on alternate days, so make sure you pick a time to start testing that’s convenient for you, and don’t forget you can get reminders of test days via the app!
  • If you are testing during your period, it’s best to avoid testing on days when you’re bleeding heavily

I’ve got my testing kit, can I start testing right away?

Almost! First you must download the app1 and set up your account. And because you need to test your first urine of the day, the testing routine starts the NEXT day, i.e., ‘Tomorrow’. This cannot be altered.

Should I test every day?

No. As FSH levels can vary across your cycle, testing every other day allows the smart algorithm to calculate your overall FSH level over time to better indicate your likely menopause stage.2 Don’t worry, you can set test reminders in the app so you don’t miss a test.

Why do I need to use an app?

The app combines FSH test results with other factors including cycle history and age to indicate your likely menopause stage.2 If you only use the FSH tests, no likely menopause stage can be indicated.

What if I forget to enter my result?

As long as you read your result within 8 minutes of testing, you can enter your result. Simply use the edit button to change your results from 'missed test'.

I entered the wrong result by mistake. Can I change it?

You can edit any of your results until your final test. Once you enter your final test result your likely menopause stage is determined and you can no longer edit any results.

What happens if I miss a test?

Don’t worry, the app will add a new test day to your schedule but try not to miss too many tests, or the app won’t have enough information to indicate your likely stage2 of the menopause journey.

Can I record all my results in the app at once?

We recommend you record your result on the day you take a test. If you wish to input all your test results at once, wait until all 5 test days have passed and use the edit button to change your results from 'missed test'.

The result of my test is Positive. What does this mean?

Your FSH level today is at least 25mIU/ml.

The result of my test is Negative. What does this mean?

Your FSH level today is lower than 25mIU/ml.

What happens if I get a test error?

The test hasn’t worked, possibly because too much or too little urine was used. Don’t worry, simply test on your next test day, making sure you carefully follow the ‘how to test’ instructions. Don’t try to test again on the same day as the result can’t be recorded.

Can any medication or medical conditions affect the result?

Always read the manufacturers’ instructions for any medication you are taking before testing. This product is not suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are taking hormonal birth control, hormone replacement therapy, medications affecting FSH, have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or after surgical procedures which affect your cycle.

The test should NOT be affected by common painkillers, alcohol or antibiotics. If you get unexpected results, you should discuss them with your healthcare professional.

Why is ‘Menopause’ not a stage given by the product?

While some people refer to being ‘in menopause', this can be quite confusing as sometimes they can mean the time leading up to their last period (i.e., the ‘perimenopause’) or other times they can mean after they haven’t had a period in over a year (i.e., ‘postmenopause’).

On top, ‘menopause’ actually only refers to the day marking 12 months since your final period. This means menopause technically only lasts for a single day between the late perimenopause and postmenopause stages. Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator is designed to help you understand your menopause journey, by providing you more information about the stage you are likely to be in2:

  • Premenopause
  • Early perimenopause
  • Late perimenopause
  • Postmenopause

How do I know if the app will work on my phone?

The app is compatible with the latest Operating System (OS) and one previous on Android™ and iPhone®.
To find out if your phone is compatible, check out:

You can download the app for free prior to purchase of the test sticks to further check if your phone is compatible. Try the symptom tracker and explore our great educational content about the menopause journey while you’re there!

  1. Compatible with most iPhones® and Android™ Phones. To find out if your phone is compatible and if the app is available in the country you live in, check out:
  2. Only a healthcare professional can confirm your menopause stage.

What’s your menopause stage?

The menopause journey has stages. Learn about yours with Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator – 5 easy-to-use tests & a FREE app.