Sperm in more detail

Sperm in more detail

Each time a man ejaculates, he releases 200 - 400 million sperm. However, all these sperm are not the same, normally a man will produce many different types of sperm: amorphous, coil-tailed, crook necked, double headed (bicephalous), pin-sized, and short-tailed. They also vary in size, and the largest sperm in a single human ejaculate can be almost 8 times larger than the smallest.

This wide variety of sperm types has always been thought to be because sperm are difficult to produce, and maybe also explains why so many are produced. However, if natural selection were taking place, then why should so many sperm be lame, defective, slow or deformed?

It is, however, an interesting fact that despite millions of sperm entering your body during intercourse, it takes just one to fertilize your egg. If you are trying to get pregnant and would like to know more, click here.

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