Quiz for conceiving

Dr. Suruchi Thakore

Reviewed by Dr. Suruchi Thakore on Aug 22, 2022

Quiz for conceiving

How long is a woman's menstrual cycle?

A woman can get pregnant on any day of her monthly cycle. Is this true or false?

When in a cycle is a woman fertile (able to get pregnant)?

During her fertile window, how long can sperm survive in a woman's body after sex?

How long does a woman's egg (ovocyte) survive after she has ovulated?

How is it possible for sex before ovulation to lead to pregnancy?

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is different from other home ovulation tests as it detects 2 key fertility hormones. Which hormones are they?

Typically how many fertile days (those days when a woman has an increased chance of getting pregnant) does the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test identify each cycle?

How many ovulation tests can typically identify 4 or more fertile days each cycle?

Which method is more accurate at identifying your peak fertile days?


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