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5 benefits of menopause (Yes, we said benefits!)

The dreaded menopause. You’ve probably seen it as a punchline in TV shows and movies, signaling the beginning of the end for a woman. If we’re to believe popular media on the subject, it’s a terrible, doom-and-gloom phase of life that brings nothing but hot flashes and sadness. Might as well curl up in a ball, close the curtains and decline all social invites for the next seven years, right?

Wrong. The good news is, it’s not the end of days. In fact, menopause can be an exciting time of change with many positive aspects. Here’s our top-five countdown of the pros of menopause.

The top five benefits of menopause

5. It’s an excuse to try a new beauty regimen.

Fluctuating hormones can bring changes to your skin and hair, including dryness.1 Your face may become less oily (score!) or even shift to the dry side, giving you the opportunity to try out that new moisturizer you’ve been eyeing. Less oil in your hair means you may need fewer washes throughout the week, so go ahead: Get that blowout! This era of your life is about listening to your body and focusing on self-care, so don’t be afraid to invest a little in you.

4. It can be a time for exploring your sexuality.

Changes in your sex drive and vaginal dryness — both symptoms of menopause that can be brought on by dropping estrogen levels2 — are the perfect opportunity to explore your sexuality alone or with a partner. Experiment with different lubes, foreplay techniques and toys to discover new ways to play.

As your estrogen levels drop, you may find that it takes longer to get aroused or reach orgasm, or that sex is painful.2 If you’re experiencing these symptoms, be sure to discuss them with a healthcare professional. Additionally, be open with your partner about the perimenopausal symptoms you’re experiencing and how they might affect intercourse — as always, open communication is key!

3. Have fun without worrying about getting pregnant.

After decades of pills and condoms and the occasional “uh-oh” moment, you can finally rest easy knowing that after you’ve reached menopause — the single day when it’s been 12 consecutive months since your last period — there’s no chance you’ll get pregnant after a night (or day) of fun.

Not sure whether you’re in Premenopause, Early Perimenopause or Late Perimenopause? Consider tracking your menopause journey with the Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator.3 You can use the results of the indicator to start a conversation with your doctor, who can then run tests to provide you with more in-depth results.

2. Say good-bye to PMS forever.

Cramps, headaches, bloating ... kiss them all good-bye. And good riddance! While menopause can mean side effects, you won’t have to worry about PMS symptoms that leave you reaching for the ibuprofen or hot water bottle.

1. No more periods!

Your menstrual cycle changes with age, and when you reach menopause, that cycle has come to an end. In other words: No. More. Periods. No more cups, tampons or pads, no worrying about spotting, no more tracking your cycle ... what a joy!

See? Plenty of positives come with this new phase of life. While menopause is the end of your period for good, it’s not the end of your journey. It’s just the beginning.

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