Double-Check and Date

2 ways to test, 2 ways to know

Contains one Clearblue® Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test Test and one Clearblue® Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown – so you have two ways to see your result.

Over 99% Accurate

Over 99% Accurate

Both tests are over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period1.

Can test 5 Days Early

Test up to 5 Days Sooner

So sensitive you can use both tests up to 5 days sooner than your missed period2.

Easy to Read

Easy to Use

See your results quickly and easily – with a clear plus (+) or minus (-) result on Clearblue® Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test, and a clear digital result in words – 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' - on Clearblue® Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown.


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